Chapter: 1195
Sadie also rose from her seat and gazed at him with a concerned expression, "You seem quite fatigued. Have you not been resting well? Why not take a break in the lounge?"

Holden frowned and replied in a cold tone, "It's not necessary. I'm going to find Adele."

As he made his way to leave, Sadie reached out and held his arm.

“I'LL go." Softening her expression, she said gently, "Let me handle it. You should rest. You're on the verge of catching a cold, and I fear you might pass it on to our daughter."

Holden had recently taken cold medicine and its effects had made him slightly unwell. After Sadie's reminder, he grew concerned about Adele's well-being. So he nodded in agreement, took his laptop, and headed to the third floor to get some rest.
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