Chapter: 1199
The next morning, the early sun rays filtered through the heavy curtains, casting a faint glow in the cabin. Outside, the distant roar of the cruise ship engines echoed as they returned to port.

Holden woke up and slowly opened his eyes, frowning at the dull pain pounding in his head. As he became aware of his surroundings, he noticed the warm body of a woman pressed against him under the sheets.

Holden's eyes widened as he gazed at the woman's bare back, marked with the red imprints of passion. The memories suddenly came back to him. He remembered their frantic antics of the previous night, and their tangled bodies.

Holden froze, and his confusion quickly gave way to anger.

How dare this woman sneak into his bed and take advantage of his faintness to drug him and use his body for her own ends? Her scheming went beyond cheekiness. She even had the nerve to moan the name of another man during their Lovemaking!
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