Chapter: 1200
Ariana moved her aching body gently, but even so, a fierce pain ran through her body, making her wince. Apparently, the stranger had a lot of stamina and cared very little about her own comfort.

As she tried to pull herself together, a sudden memory shook her. Melon and Sonia! She had been missing all night. They must be worried sick.

Ariana frantically reached for her phone and found it lying on the floor among her clothes. The screen was filled with countless missed calls. Her heart pounding anxiously, she dialed back the number that had called her so many times. The moment Melon's tearful voice rang out, Ariana knew something was terribly wrong,

“Mommy, godmother is dying!"

Ariana's question hung in the air, but Melon's tearful state made a coherent explanation impossible. Eventually, he choked out amidst sobs, “Godmother's in the hospital."
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