Chapter: 1734
Seated on the sofa with her legs crossed, Keilani, still fuming over Tyrone's words, asked, "Do you know who's in Chamber 203?"

“Chamber 203?" The manager was puzzled. He had been busy with reports all morning and hadn't noticed who was in that chamber. "I'm not sure. I haven't seen the guest. But if you'd like, I can check the surveillance footage right away.”

Irritated, Keilani started to describe Tyrone, “He's about 6.06 feet tall, handsome, but his origins are a mystery to me."

Though Tyrone and Keilani had conversed easily, she couldn't tell where he was from. But she was certain he wasn't from Philade.

Keilani remembered Tyrone's wristwatch. It was a rare, expensive luxury brand she'd seen with a friend. This detail alone told her Tyrone was wealthy. Had he been from Philade, Keilani was sure she would have recognized him.
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