Chapter: 1735
Tyrone took the woman's hand with a practiced ease as if he'd done it countless times before. They walked off together, chatting and laughing.

Watching them, Keilani felt a surge of emotion. Her grip tightened on her legs, her eyes clouding with a mix of jealousy and anger. So that was why he was so cold toward her. He already had someone else in his life.

Suddenly, Alice gasped. “Isn't that Sabrina?"

Keilani's heart skipped a beat. She looked again at the woman with Tyrone, her teeth clenched in fury. That was why the woman Looked familiar. It was Sabrina. It was always Sabrina!

Keilani's hands balled into fists. Sabrina had been a thorn in her side ever since they met. She wouldn't let it slide.
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