Chapter: 1198
Sabrina's father had crossed paths with Cesar earlier and Cesar, being aware that she was the sole surviving member of the family, had logically proposed to adopt her. But Larry, on the other hand, for whom a mere monetary thank-you should have sufficed, went so far as to suggest Cesar adopt her.

The only explanation was that he harbored a guilty conscience...

Hence, Cesar's demise wasn't the result of what happened between Tyrone and her but solely Larry's actions. This explained Cesar's unfavorable bequest to Larry in his will and the generous bequeathal of her inheritance as compensation...

Tyrone maintained a stoic silence. He tenderly rested his hand upon her shoulder and offered comforting pats.

Suddenly, Sabrina brushed off his hand, rising abruptly and taking a few steps away. Her tone turned icy as she cautioned, “Don't touch me."
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