Chapter: 1202
Ariana's heart still held some unresolved frustration. But then, a suspicious look crossed Sonia's face as she stared at her. With a bewildered expression, she leaned out and stroked Ariana's neck, saying, “Why is your neck covered with red marks?"

Sonia's fingers brushed against her neck, and Ariana involuntarily flinched, vividly recalling the events of the previous night. She hurriedly used her hair to conceal the marks and managed an awkward smile.

“Oh, it's nothing. Just a mosquito bite that I couldn't resist scratching. Looks a bit worse now."

“Is that so?" Sonia withdrew her hand, a hint of confusion playing on her features. Despite the oddity, she didn't probe any further.

However, Sonia's inquiry provided Ariana with an opening to process the events from the night before.
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