Awakening Hearts: Unexpected Love in Silence

Ariana's life takes an unexpected turn when she is coerced into marrying into the prestigious Anderson family. With this union, the anticipation for her to bear a child with her new husband is immense. However, an astonishing twist awaits her - her new husband, Theodore, lies in a deep coma. Is Ariana condemned to a life akin to that of a widow?

To her astonishment, Theodore awakens from his coma just a day after their wedding. Yet, his gaze is cold and detached as he questions her, "Who are you?" "I'm your... wife," Ariana responds in a daze. Theodore's reaction is far from what she had hoped for. "I don't remember getting married. This marriage means nothing. I'll have my lawyer handle the divorce proceedings."

If it were not for his family's interference, Ariana would have been cast aside the very day after their wedding. As time passes, Ariana becomes pregnant and contemplates leaving secretly. But Theodore catches wind of her plans and vehemently opposes them. Ariana, holding her ground, confronts him. "You don't even like me. You constantly belittle me. What purpose does our marriage serve? I want a divorce!"

Suddenly, Theodore's demeanor undergoes a profound change, and he pulls her into a warm embrace. "You are my wife, and you are mine now. Don't even think about divorcing me!"

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Ana Silva

Rated 5 out of 5

Obrigada pelos capítulos 💙❤️