Chapter: 1393
Ariana woke up the next morning, feeling rejuvenated and renewed. The TV show's producers had decided to delay the recording for a day following the traumatic events of their kidnapping and Rollingrock Media's abrupt withdrawal from the competition.

With this unexpected break, Ariana took the chance to send her son, Melon, off to a summer camp she had previously enrolled him in.

As he prepared to leave, Melon gave his mother some careful instructions. He stood with his hands on his hips, imitating a grown-up's authority.

"You must eat properly while I'm away and not skip meals because you're busy," he advised.

“And be careful not to get your wounded arm wet, or it'll hurt a Lot. When I come back, I'll examine you closely and weigh you on the scale to make sure you haven't lost a lot of weight."
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