Chapter: 1394
I'll explain your absence to the producers, so don't worry."

Tom, however, remained adamant and stubbornly insisted, "No! It wasn't easy for us to come this far. If I can't get on stage, our team would be missing a voting opportunity. Plus, at this point in the competition, we can't replace anyone. I can't back out!"

Ariana could see the determined look on Tom's face, and all her attempts to persuade him were in vain. Additionally, the reality show had reached an extremely competitive stage. At this stage of the competition, missing even a single vote could create a considerable gap between the teams.

The Chamberlain brothers, especially Woodrow, were by Tom's side, bombarding him with motivational quotes they found online. They whispered and chattered in Tom's ear non-stop, and strangely, it made his tinnitus less bothersome.

The next day, as Ariana and the others waited backstage, the livestream continued. Unexpectedly, just an hour before the show began, Tom's condition deteriorated rapidly. Not only did the tinnitus persist, but he also felt dizzy and nauseous.
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