Chapter: 1396
Drawing in a deep breath, he focused all his attention on the forthcoming performance. It was a culmination of countless hours spent in relentless training and the memory of over a hundred past shows. Wasn't this what it had all been leading to? He couldn't afford to falter now.

With unyielding resolve, Tom raised his hand, a signal to the accompanying band that the moment had arrived.

As the first notes filled the air, a hushed silence descended upon the entire audience. Tom's voice, slightly hoarse but bearing the raw vitality of youth and rebellion, seized the crowd's attention in an instant.

His rock and roll vocals resonated with power, setting ablaze an atmosphere that engulfed both the live audience and the online viewers, drawing forth cheers and applause in a fiery display.

Following the electrifying performance, the time came for the critical judging phase. To Tom's astonishment, he received exceptionally high scores from both the judges and the live audience.
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