Chapter: 74
A temporary stage was set on the terrace on the thirty-sixth floor of Viton Hotel.

It was beautifully decorated with flowers and colorful Lights from both states of the art bulbs and LEDs.

Vivian just finished her rehearsal. She sang so beautifully that some guests who arrived before the party looked at her with so much admiration. It was almost as if her voice had a mesmerizing effect. But she was still not satisfied with it.

She thought to herself that distinguished guests normally came to this kind of event a little late. They were the real ones she wanted to impress. So she had to be nothing short of perfection! The only way that the night could be a memorable one for her was if she captured literally everyone's attention.

By doing so, her chances of becoming more than just an actress in a small-budget online drama would be very high. This brought a wide smile to Vivian's face.
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