Enchanted by My Wife

Maria stepped into her sister's role and found herself engaged to Anthony, a man who had lost his claim to being the family heir due to his disability. Initially, their relationship was merely a formality.

But as time passed, the enigmatic layers of Maria's life began to unravel. It emerged that she was not just an ordinary woman. She possessed extraordinary skills as a professional hacker, a mysterious composer, and she was the sole inheritor of the techniques from an internationally renowned jade sculpting master. The more Anthony discovered about her, the less he could find solace in their nominal engagement.

To make matters more complex, Maria was attracting the attention of numerous remarkable men - a famous singer, an award-winning actor, and even the heirs of wealthy families. All these accomplished individuals were vying for her affection and devotion. Anthony found himself in a challenging predicament, torn between his feelings for Maria and the mounting pressure from her many admirers. The question lingered: What should Anthony do?