Chapter: 578
In her mind, she recalled how Lorraine had talked about so many literary giants, but she didn't even mention anything about Mia. Of course, that seemed to be unreasonable if she really loved literature. Realizing this, Vivian now firmly believed Lorraine was indeed Mia. Mia was the kind of person that didn't want to boast and praise herself, and that was why she kept a low-profile for years. So it made perfect sense that Lorraine didn't talk about Mia's works at all right now, because she herself was Mia!

Furthermore, she thought that Maria tried to suck up to Lorraine just now, but the latter didn't even have anything to say to her. In the end, expensive gifts were useless. Vivian assumed that Lorraine must have determined that Maria had no literary quality, so she wouldn't even bother talking to her.

She was subtly smiling as she pondered on these speculations. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware that her thoughts were completely headed in the wrong direction.

The real reason why Lorraine behaved Like this was because she was just acting according to the customs of Mia Society.

Whenever the members of Mia Society talked about literature, they always paid great attention to the occasion at hand, especially when there were outsiders present. The members would deliberately watch their words, not analyzing or discussing Mia's works haphazardly.
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