Chapter: 1733
Holden leaned over and landed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then, sitting beside her, he coaxed her to go back to sleep.

The night had passed, but Holden still didn't receive any response from the people that he had sent. The program crew was also increasingly anxious about the situation.

If Mitchel had indeed been in an accident, they would not only had to pay a hefty compensation bill, but they would also be at a risk of offending the Chadwick family. If their relationship with the Chadwick family soured in the future, they might even face criminal charges. The director was so worried that he couldn't sleep all night.

At the same time, Jolie was still under guard, and she was scared to death.

Back then, she had only wanted to snap a few photos by the door; she had never thought things would end up like this. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have done that.
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