CEO of My Heart

Rosalynn's marriage to Brian unfolded in stark contrast to her dreams. Her husband, Brian, scarcely graced their home with his presence, evading her as if she were a dreaded affliction. What exacerbated the situation was his constant appearance in the tabloids, romantically linked with a plethora of celebrities.

For a time, Rosalynn persevered, clinging to the hope that things would improve. However, her patience eventually wore thin, leading her to make a life-changing decision. She filed for divorce and, with a heavy heart, left their shared life behind.

In the wake of their separation, a sudden transformation overcame Brian. He found himself captivated by an anonymous designer in his employ. Scouring her online presence, he discerned a brilliance and allure that intrigued him greatly. His curiosity led him to investigate her true identity, not foreseeing the astonishing revelation that awaited him.

Days later, the truth would dawn upon Brian, filling him with profound remorse as he looked back on his past actions and the remarkable woman he had so foolishly let slip through his fingers.

Alternate Title: My Bossy CEO Husband