Chapter: 1917
The police quickly escorted Keilani further inside.

Throughout the way, Keilani resisted and continued to voice her protests loudly, "Release me! Can't you see she attacked me first? This is so unfair! I need to inform my uncle! Lance, are you just going to stand there and watch me suffer? Won't you intervene?"

"You brought this on yourself! Forget about your uncle. Can't you grasp his lack of concern for you? Fool! You're such a fool!"

Bettie was itching to add more, but Lance pulled her back, gently urging, "No need to waste your breath on her."

As Keilani was being led past Sabrina, she glared fiercely and screamed, "Sabrina, you bitch! This is all because of you! Let me go. I demand to speak with your chief!"
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